Northern Bone Health Programme Northern Bone Health Programme NHSA Amgen

Follow Up

Audit and Quality Standards

Suggested annual audit parameters:

  • Number of new fragility fractures
  • Number of ‘at-risk’ patients
  • Number of new osteoporosis diagnoses (not review)
  • Number of patients referred for DEXA scan
  • Number of patients with relevant DEXA result
  • On osteoporosis register and on medication
  • On osteoporosis register with reason for no medications (allergy, contraindication etc.)
  • Bisphosphonate Prophylaxis suspended – treatment holiday
  • On second line and special treatment (e.g. Denosumab & Teriparatide)
  • On osteoporosis register and referred to secondary care or advice service
  • Record of annual bone health review

Comprehensive quality standard guidance available: